Health Initiatives

Core Services Overview


COVID-19: Comprehensive Awareness and Action is a core part of our mission. We are steadfast in our commitment to battling COVID-19 beyond the pandemic. Through a multifaceted approach, we provide education, vaccination, testing, and treatment, focusing on the most vulnerable communities & meeting them where they’re at. Through our mobile clinic, we bring these vital services right to the heart of the community.
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Maternal and Infant Health

Bridging the Gap:We're dedicated to improving maternal and infant health outcomes within communities of color. Our initiative is specifically designed to provide culturally relevant education & resources that direct our community to trusted healthcare partners. We’re not here to recreate the wheel. There are hidden gems for safe spaces of maternal/infant care that already exist in our community & we want you to know about them. We also partner to provide education & training that is uniquely designed to eliminate healthcare bias. We believe every mother and child deserve a healthy start, regardless of their background or circumstances.
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Preventative Care Program

Championing Minority Health : Health Prevention and Management to underserved communities is at the core of our commitment. We provide targeted outreach & preventative care programs addressing prevalent conditions like stroke, hypertension, asthma, obesity, nutrition, diabetes, and cancer. Through a collective impact model, we bring partners together to provide education, screening, and treatment to reduce health disparities. We wholeheartedly believe in the power of community. We are committed to building within - by identifying, training, and empowering trusted community advocates to deliver the care we need.
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Advocacy for Equity

Advocacy for Equity: Confronting Violence and Ensuring Access JIREH Providers firmly believes in advocating for equity in all facets of health. Though we stand against violence towards all communities of color, our focus is predominantly on the Black community. We actively push for an end to targeted violence, equitable resource allocation and equal access to safe healthcare. Our goal is to bring justice and security to our community, one step at a time.
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Boosting Minority Health Investments Ventures

Empowering Minority Enterprises: Financial Support for Community Partners We believe in the power of grassroots efforts. Through targeted funding, we empower minority-owned businesses and organizations to make critical health improvements within their communities. We're proud to support these ventures, understanding the unique perspective they bring to public health initiatives. We use our voice & our platform to advocate for changes within local & federal contracting opportunities.
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Stay Connected.

Stay Healthy.

As the COVID-19 cases are beginning to surge again in certain areas, it is important that you have as many resources as possible to keep you and your loved ones healthy. Whether you are having symptoms and need to test, have tested positive and need treatment, or are ready for your next booster shot, JIREH Providers is here to support you. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us!