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Please review the FEMA Fact Sheet: Lodging & Rental Assistance on steps to apply and after you apply.

Revise la hoja informativa de FEMA: Asistencia de alojamiento y alquiler sobre los pasos para presentar la solicitud y después de presentarla.

Please click here for a list of resources available to victims affected by the January 22nd flooding.

Haga clic aquí para obtener una lista de recursos disponibles para las víctimas afectadas por las inundaciones del 22 de Enero.

Starting Thursday, March 7, San Diego flood victims will be able to apply for help from CalFresh

There are a few different ways flood victims can apply.

According to the CalFresh site:


Flood victims will get a one-time payment based on their household size and monthly income.

Additional Resources Coming Soon!