Advocacy for Equity: Confronting Violence and Ensuring Access

Championing Justice in Healthcare and Beyond

A shift in the culture of healthcare is needed. We can do this through the power of community – through local action that will transform health outcomes. In communities of color throughout SouthEast San Diego, JIREH Providers is standing up against violence and advocating for equitable healthcare access for mental health & trauma related services. With a dedicated team of BIPOC professionals and volunteers, we are striving to create a safer and healthier future for everyone. Building from within our own successes, we are dedicated to uplifting minority-owned, grassroots, and microenterprise organizations in SouthEast San Diego, fostering their potential to create impactful change.

The Challenge

The Black community continues to be under the threat of violence. Systemic & structural racism continue to be reinforced through laws and policies that are hostile to our health & wellness.

Violence against women, particularly Black women, is a pressing issue, with the Department of Justice reporting that BIPOC women face a 35% higher rate of violence than white women. Alongside this, systemic disparities restrict access to vital resources, with reports showing that 19% of Black and 17% of Hispanic individuals in California lack health insurance, compared to 8% of Whites. These figures underscore the urgent need for action.

Our Response

JIREH Providers is committed to confronting these issues head-on. We tirelessly advocate for equitable allocation of resources and access to care, ensuring those most vulnerable receive the support they deserve. Through our initiatives, we strive to combat violence against Black women, promoting a safer community where every individual can thrive.

Our Impact

Our advocacy work is yielding results, empowering individuals and reshaping communities. We’re actively influencing policy as members of the Central Regional Leadership Team & San Diego County Equity Task Force and promoting a culture of safety and respect within our communities. Our targeted funding for minority-owned grassroots organizations is also fostering change at a deeper level.

How You Can Help

Stand with us in the fight for equity. Whether through volunteering, donations, or simply raising awareness within your network, your support can drive meaningful change. Together, we can break down barriers, confront violence, and pave the way for a safer and more equitable future in SouthEast San Diego.