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We are a dedicated team of community advocates with equity in healthcare at the forefront of our mission. Leading the charge is a multi-disciplinary team of African American men & women who each bring an expansive breadth of knowledge from their field of study. Our team encompasses a wide range of expertise in medicine/nursing, military service, finance, engineering, project management & public health. 

We Are Honored To Partner With You

Our firm stance against Anti-Black hate and its active role in healthcare disparities are the underpinnings for the formation of our work. For centuries, African Americans in the U.S. Have continued to experience some of the highest rates of disparities in mortality, life expectancy, burden of disease, mental health, health insurance, & access to care.

It is our faith & our collective experience that equips us for this mission. It is our coalitions & community partnerships that allow us to achieve success.

We welcome all volunteers (clinical and non-clinical). If you are an active or retired medical professional (MD, NP, PA, RN, LVN, MA, or Student) & would like to volunteer at an upcoming event or learn more about us, please contact us.


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